This post is for those looking to get into a website development business of their own. It may also be beneficial for people who are simply good at sales. It is all about Partnership to get the things you need to be done that you would prefer not to do.

Key takeaways:

  • Start for as little as $79 per year and get hosting, email, website builder, Managed WordPress host, and cPanel to experiment with all included plus your own branded start-up site for your own sales with 247 support.
  • Provide your own support or use our unbranded support line. You pick and you can shift at any time.
  • Buy your own products from yourself and save big. Same products as GoDaddy only you save on your commissions if you buy from yourself. This requires you set up your own branded reseller site which is included free. You do need to set it up with our help and then give yourself the Discount Shopper Checkmark.

Why does We Who Served provide a Reseller Platform? A little history might be informative. In the early 2000s after retiring from the Air Force I got into website development. The bug eater to techy was not that hard since the Air Force had me working on a computer program that tracked all the survival gear. You know, things like lot number, serial number, dates of installation, expiration, manufacture, and inspection. I ended up writing the first Air Force manual that used hyperlinks using an early version of Word. That was around 1991. We were moving from DBF (Data Base Files using DOS) to this new thing called Windows. My manual had to include instructions on how to use another new feature called a mouse. It all seems like ancient history now.

My goals have usually been tied to efficiency. I will not go into all the details or this would turn into a book. Suffice it to say that as time went on and my business grew after retiring from the AF I needed a team. I soon realized managing people was the hardest part of any business. If you are a veteran you recall we had a structure and consequences if a job did not get done. That is not so in the civilian world. Or, at least it is not as rigid. People come and go and each has their own level of work ethic. It is hard to find reliable people who share your vision and have the savvy to carry it off.

I realized that I could work with a team of existing professionals to handle my technical support. That was the most time-consuming part of my business. Usually, the issues had to do with email. The more you know about technology the more you are amazed that it works at all. I decided to offload my smaller paying clients onto a separate hosting platform that I got through GoDaddy. I had previous servers and support from local companies and a larger one known as In the end, GoDaddy had the best support system for resellers.

So, my business runs two ways. I have a dedicated server that I pay GoDaddy for each month. On there I run my bigger paying clients and my own websites. I also pay GoDaddy for server support because these are my most important clients. I may get rid of the support as there have been no serious issues I cannot handle as I learn more about WHM management. WHM stands for WebHost Manager and that is the Linux version of a dedicated server that includes cPanels.

As for smaller clients I put them into my reseller system. This is where the client pays GoDaddy and then GoDaddy pays me a percentage. It isn’t a lot but it is something. I get paid for the upfront website development and business consultation and a small piece of the hosting, domain, and email support provided by GoDaddy. Depending on the level of hosting service the customer chooses I make between 2 and 10 dollars per month off of each hosting platform sold. That keeps the email questions off of my back so I can better serve my customer’s needs and increase my business.

If you are interested you can get started for as little as $79 per year at the time of this posting. You also get a money-back guarantee from GoDaddy and the best buy rates for your own business. You will get hosting, a website builder and a managed WordPress system, and a free SSL. All for $79 per year. In addition, you will get your own storefront for branding and selling under your business name. If you grow then you can jump to $169 per year and make more money.